Shuttles from the airport! — Cosmic Convergence

Are you wondering how you are going to get to Cosmic from the airport? No fear we have got you covered! Just follow this link to book a ride in our shuttle:

And in case you haven’t bought your tickets for Cosmic this year don’t worry, because I have a discount for you, just follow my link and it will be automatically added:


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Workshops — Cosmic Convergence

One of the things Cosmic really prides itself on, is that we try to remain true to the natural culture of the area. Here is one of the locals teaching a weaving workshop. What workshops are you most excited about? Check them out here:

And if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, no fear, you can use my special discount, just follow this link:

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Live Performances — Cosmic Convergence

The festival is open to artists that express themselves in different ways, we had to include movement, theater and dance. We want to support these talented artists that are not only amazing to watch but inspire us to move and liberate the flow within our body. Take a look at the other wonderful performers here:

If you still haven’t gotten your ticket, use my link to get a discount:

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Festival Line Up — Cosmic Convergence

The festival is open to a variety of music genres all raging from psy-trance, electronic world music & live music. Cosmic Convergence is a portal to engage in a variety of music styles and dance to original beats of the underground music movement from Guatemala and around the world. Check out the wonderful people we have coming:

If you still haven’t gotten your ticket, use my link to get a discount:

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Tropical Fruit

Cosmic Convergence


I think one of the things I am most excited about Guatemala for is fresh tropical fruit like avocados, pineapples, mango and such… and of coarse all the cuddles! Can’t wait to see my Cosmic Fam! ❤

Also if you haven’t gotten your tickets to Cosmic Convergence no fear! Here is a link to get tickets with my discount automatically added:

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